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Tina Kennedy - Encaustic Artist

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”  Van Gogh

After a career in Corporate Interior Design and a move to Africa, that afforded me the time and inspiration, I was able to work on my passion, painting.

I approach art intuitively, following my confabulation into new territory by letting the piece tell me where it needs to go.  The path can flow with ease or it can be a challenging conversation, either way I am absorbed in the piece and fascinated by the process.

I fell in love with the encaustic process several years ago. Using beeswax hardened with Damar resin and mixed with oil paint, this fluid, textural, engaging medium is a perfect complement to who I am and whom I want to be as an artist.  It allows for a beautiful dialogue to take place between myself and the wax.  It capitulates a spontaneous response to what happens during the process.  Drips and splatters can be fused into the piece or removed.  What seemingly is a mistake, leads to new ways of incorporating it into the piece.  

Encaustic by nature, is made up of layers.   I incorporate collage elements in the wax, sometimes revealed, sometimes not, fusing with a blow torch, heat gun and iron.  This creates a rich, textured depth in the piece.

Beauty in nature is a theme that inspires much of my work. Beautiful winter scenes, foggy sunrises, spring peeking through the frozen ground, memories of glorious landscapes along life’s travels and people that have touched my soul.  

My hope is that you will find all the hidden beauty in the vibrant, translucent layers of color and as you look closely at the painting you will discover something new every time.