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Rebecca Grace Jones - Mixed Media Artist

Rebecca Grace Jones was born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland into a family of artists where creativity was encouraged and nurtured. She studied art at Towson University, receiving an MFA, and taught commercial art at her alma mater for twelve years.

Rebecca’s career as an artist has morphed over the decades from freelance illustrator to fine craftsperson to painter. She now focuses on painting in mixed media at her home/studio, just outside of Shepherdstown, WV, which gives her great happiness. 

Artist Statement

When I start a mixed media painting I rarely know what it is going to turn out to be. I work intuitively and without reference. I am interested in building up textures with my materials and creating a series of layers that reveal the history of each one’s application. Often a collage is painted over, scraped off and reapplied in a new form. The repeated constructing and destroying and recreating builds a rich surface. The pieces are often finished with details, sometimes whimsical, always with attention to the subtle beauty of the mark. I paint mostly with acrylics on watercolor paper and wood panels and add Thai and Yupo papers, tissue and rice paper with inks, chalk and oil pastels, charcoal and colored pencil.

Rebecca Grace Jones