Meredith Hannon - Virginia

I began painting in college after being inspired by poster prints of impressionist masters that hung on the walls of my dorm room. When I had the opportunity to repaint the walls of my room at home, I decided I would shoot for the moon by painting a mural of an Italian seaside village. I’m not quite sure what made me think that my first painting should be a full-sized mural, but it worked out and I haven’t looked back! While my style and medium (and skill!) have evolved from that first scene, that mural remains on the walls as a reminder of how it all began.

Over the years, I have switched to working exclusively in oils as a full-time artist, utilizing both brushwork and palette knife. While I love to paint, it is my desire that my work touches those who see it, and that it transports people as it hangs on their wall.

Currently, I live outside Washington, DC, with my husband and two babies (one fur, one human). Besides painting, my passions are pretty simple…God, family, and friends (in that order). And Christmas. And Grand Cayman. Okay, and bacon (I only let myself buy it once a month, though!). Ha! Well, that’s about it for me! If you want to see more, peruse the website, like my Facebook page, or Contact me! I would love to chat!