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Marcia Klioze - Portrait and Figurative Painting - Oil

After enjoying a long and successful career of over 25 years, as both an editorial and medical illustrator; illustrating magazines, newspapers, and institutional publications, Marcia has recently returned to traditional oil painting. Her strength and passion have always been in her ability to capture a person's likeness, as well as their personality, or "essence". She enjoys depicting the human condition... is fascinated with discovering what makes someone look like they do; going beyond just the physical features... capturing what makes them tick. Portraiture and people have always been a passion, but, she prefers capturing the subjects “story” or moment, not just mirroring their features.  
As an illustrator, Marcia has enjoyed creating portraits and interpretive paintings and illustrations for noted clients, which included, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The National Institutes of Health, and DC United. 
Her oil painting journey began in 2012 when she traveled to Italy for a painting workshop led by acclaimed artist, Kurt Schwartz. She realized, then, that she could wait no longer to pursue her passion. So she followed her muse and the experience changed her life. She continue to study with Kurt, and has also added the tutelage of renowned artists, Danni Dawson, Mike Francis, and Ted Reed.