Linda Neel - Virginia

Artistic expression is a developmental process. The freedom of using your inner compass to continually guide you, sometimes fearfully, but most often fearlessly forward. My inspiration has always been the blend of color, pattern and texture. But experience has shown me that color has power, pattern can create energy and movement, and that texture is not all about touch or surface value. It is as importantly about contrast and the perception of feel. In that light, creating the appearance of texture is often just as important as creating the ultimate feel of depth found in a rough surface.

All two dimension art begins with a support, be it canvas, paper, wood or metal. My support is 100% silk, which has been in continual artistic use for thousands of years, even predating the invention of paper and thus, becomes a historic foundation, yet an ironic one for modern art. From this point, each piece is a multiple medium endeavor of pigmented dyes, paint, pencil and often gilding, achieving an unbridled kaleidoscope effect of pattern, color, movement and depth. My creative process is without personal boundaries and is the perfect blend of artistry and mystery. A story unfolds with the completion of each piece and only then is it given its title.