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Kristen Swanson - Ceramic Artist - Ceramics

Each one-of-a-kind piece is wheel thrown on the potter’s wheel or hand constructed out of clay slabs. I paint my designs with black underglaze on the unfired clay body. I then use a technique called sgraffito to scratch into the surface to achieve greater detail. The work is bisque fired, clear glazed, and fired a second time to 2300 degrees. Asian art has long been an influence in my work - my childhood home was filled with Asian furniture, tapestries, scroll paintings, and sculpture. I am further influenced by both traditional and contemporary textile patterns as well as traditional botanical motifs. I choose to limit my surface work to black and white with an occasional splash of color as I enjoy the graphic and stimulating effect. The use of a clear glaze highlights the subtle texture of the porcelain body. 


Artist Statement

I am committed to functional ceramic art and want my pieces to be used in the everyday domestic landscape of people’s lives. I believe that intimate contact with objects that are handmade, intentionally crafted, and beautiful can transform common experiences into meaningful experiences.