Dominique Lategano - Virginia

Dominique Ann’s art is like her personality, bright, bold, and vibrant. Her abstract colorful paintings radiate positive energy. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Media Arts & Design at James Madison University. Dominique started painting in the early 90s, she started painting professionally post college.She grew up in Avon, NC where she studied painting and drawing underneath various professional artists in her mother's art gallery. She taught art lessons at Zofia’s Art Gallery from a young age. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Her inspiration comes from an overabundance of emotion, a sensitivity to other's aura's and energy, as well as a fascination with the physical creation of a painting. She loves the process of painting and the emotional outlet it creates. Ambient electronic music can often be found playing in the background of Dominique's studio inspiring her style of painting.