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Carrie Althouse - Ceramic Artist/Sculptor

Carrie Althouse is a local potter who is situated on Rockland Farm in a quaint farm house in Leesburg, Carrie finds this backdrop a factor in helping her create her pottery out of her home studio.  A former Art Teacher of 9 years, now stay at home mom/Potter, Carrie creates both functional and non-functional stoneware. Either one you choose you will agree she has a rustic yet elegant style to her finished pieces. She is an avid outdoorsman which highly influences her pieces. She eventually developed a highly textured natural feel to her pieces. Each piece is wheel thrown, hand carved, glazed and fired twice to a stoneware state and are food, microwave and oven safe.

Artist Statement

"I am artistically inspired by hiking tall mountains, paddleboarding crystal blue lakes, climbing textured rocks, camping under soft pine groves and skiing the curved face of mountains. I am in love with the smells, sights and sounds of nature". Carrie set out in 2007 to find and refine her pottery niche.