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Amy Manson - Ceramic Artist

My passion is working with clay - a soft malleable substance - throwing, forming, and urging it into an object of both beauty and function. An object, which can be admired, touched, held, and used in daily life. This process and transformation of the soft clay into a hard and beautiful object meant to be seen, used, passed along, maybe even eventually broken and given back to the earth seems to mirror personal growth and transformation. I use High fired stoneware and porcelain in my work and enjoy glaze colors and themes, which can be found in nature. I try to incorporate a combination of family, prayer, meditation, nature, and the creation of pottery into every single day of my life as part of my own personal growth and transformation. It gives me great insight and joy to create a one of a kind piece of artwork. I hope others enjoy viewing and utilizing the pottery as much as I enjoyed making it!

Amy is an avid cook and has been experimenting this past year with various forms of bakeware, serving pieces, and other items that enhance the culinary experience. 

I have been making pieces to become part of your daily life as well as pieces that become part of your traditions and celebrations!  I look forward to sharing my latest functional and decorative creations with you.

Amy Manson has been a studio potter for 10 years and displays and sells her work in various galleries in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. Amy teaches and creates her work (and recipes) at her home studio in Leesburg, Virginia.